Canada’s Lake Shore preview: the weirdest thing from Canada you’ll watch all week

Canada’s knock-off of Jersey Shore hasn’t even been filmed, but Lake Shore has been cast and released a preview, and it alone is both fascinating and weird. Besides the unintentional comedy that comes from Jersey Shore-style characters speaking with Canadian accents, it’s straightforward in its stereotyping, labeling its cast members by their ethnicity.

Candian of the Week dissects the preview, noting that Lake Shore “looks like an absolute train wreck” because it “aims to ratchet up the tension by deliberately casting a multicultural octet of fist-pumpers and hard-partiers.” Even a blog that celebrates Canadians is forced to concede that “maybe even Canada doesn’t always get it right.”

As the show’s official site points out, they are doing something the MTV series does not by making their cast more diverse. The site asks, “What happens when eight vibrant and volatile twenty-something Torontonians from different backgrounds and sexual orientations shack up?”

The answer to that question isn’t clear in the nine-minute sizzle reel, which is used to pitch the show to networks, because the show doesn’t yet have one. The preview starts by selling the show and its advance publicity before it introduces its cast members by ethnicity. As Canadian of the Week points out, they are: “The Turk, The Albanian, The Pole, The Czech, The Vietnamese, The Jew, The Italian and The Lebanese.”

Watch and meet them:

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