Mark Burnett’s new ABC series Expedition Impossible sounds like the next great network reality show

ABC has announced a new Mark Burnett-produced competition series that will air next summer, and it sounds like a combination of The Amazing Race, Survivor, and The Mole, and thus sounds awesome. It’s also great to see a network embrace a non-studio series, and The Bachelor vacations don’t count.

On Expedition Impossible, “teams of three will solve problems while racing across deserts, over mountains and through rivers,” according to ABC, which calls this “the next evolution in high adventure and human drama.”

There’s no information about the prize, just that the race will involve 10 legs, and be filmed in April. The series is now casting “dynamic, competitive, and energetic teams.”

The series is also executive produced by Lisa Hennessy, who has executive produced Great American Road Trip, The Contender, Pirate Master, and Rock Star.

Update: As a commenter pointed out, this show sounds nearly identical to Treasure Hunters, the 2006 NBC series produced by Magical Elves that followed 10 teams of three racing across the US and Europe to solve puzzles. More on it here.

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