Michelle Rodriguez, YouTube winner joining Sea Shepherd on its next campaign

Animal Planet’s awesome Whale Wars has been unsurprisingly renewed, and among the volunteers on Sea Shepherd’s campaign in the Antarctic will be Lost and Avatar actor Michelle Rodriguez, in addition to the winner of a YouTube contest.

In a press release, the network said it had “signed on to follow the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s next whale defense campaign in Antarctica for a fourth season of the television series,” which starts in “Australia in December and is expected to run through the end of February.” The fourth season will debut in June, and will again be produced by The Lizard Trading Company.

For Operation No Compromise, Sea Shepherd is holding a contest to find a crew member; entrants 18 and older upload a video to YouTube, and those “will be judged for originality, humor, and creativity. These are traits we highly value in our volunteers,” according to the organization. Demonstrating that you can be passionate and committed but frequently incompetent under pressure would also show you’re ready to be a volunteer, though it might not help you win.

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