Rozlyn Papa allegedly rejected for Brad Womack’s Bachelor season

Rozyln Papa begged to be cast on The Bachelor 15 to try to win over returning bachelor Brad Womack, but was rejected by the show’s producers because she wasn’t interested in marriage like reformed and healed Brad is.

At least, that’s the story according to Us Weekly, which cites an “insider” who cites her conversations with producers–the same producers who just months ago Rozlyn felt “betrayed” by their “blatant lie” about her affair with a crew member. She wants to return to the show that railroaded her using the other women, who clearly lied about what they saw? Really?

The magazine’s source claims that Rozlyn “really wanted to come back on the show” and that producers “always really liked her” and “felt that if she went on camera and admitted to everything she did, they would agree to introduce her to Brad and let him decide. Brad’s certainly a guy who believes in second chances, so they thought it might work.” But that didn’t happen because “she’s not looking for a husband” and Brad is “really looking for a wife. They only want people genuinely interested in finding love.”

I think there’s something wrong with that last sentence, which is even more ridiculous than ABC’s press release about Brad. Clearly, it should end like this: …genuinely interested in being used by a television program that wants to pretend it’s about love but actually revels in drama, manufactured or not.

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