Kimbo Slice reported to be on Survivor, but he was on Twitter throughout production

MMA fighter and The Ultimate Fighter: The Heavyweights cast member Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson, is reportedly a cast member on Survivor‘s 22nd season, joining pageant star Carrie Prejean and former Survivor contestants Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz.

That’s according to a report on Survivor Sucks that confirms his casting. In late May, before the first Nicaragua season filmed, a separate report on Survivor Sucks said producers were interested in talking to him.

However, I noticed that Kimbo Slice posted to Twitter regularly throughout August and September, when season 22 was filmed in Nicaragua. According to True Dork Times’ production calendar, the show started taping Aug. 16 and contestants returned to the U.S. on Sept. 24 or 25. During that time, Kimbo posted several photos of himself, like this one, in addition many text tweets. All of those were posted via Echofon, an iPhone application for Twitter, just like his posts earlier in the summer and post-production in the fall. The writing seems consistent, too.

Of course, someone just may post to Twitter for him (or took over while he was gone, imitating his style). Or is CBS/SEG just leaking plausible cast members who actually aren’t on the show in order to ferret out the people who are leaking production information? At least, the leaks unrelated to crew members leaving documents behind.

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