Survivor Africa, Marquesas full-season DVDs out today

Full-season DVDs for both Survivor Africa and Survivor Marquesas were released today, available only from Amazon, where the DVDs are manufactured on-demand for $25.99 each. As you might expect, Survivor Africa is the current best-seller, followed by Marquesas–and then the previously-released Pearl Islands and season one. They’ve been available for pre-order since July.

Besides full episodes, these new DVD sets include the full exit confessional interview and their Early Show interviews. There are also some bonus features that are kind of weak, such as the the Survivor Africa DVD‘s “aerial footage of the Tribal Council site and the surrounding plains” and “the animals of Africa with natural sound.” The Survivor Marquesas DVD includes “a look at the contestants at work and play around camp and Jeff reveals the Immunity Idol,” “aerial footage of the Island,” and audition tapes and pre-season interviews.

Still, we’ve come a long way since the season one “greatest and most outrageous moments” highlight DVD.

Here are all the full-season Survivor DVDs currently available; click on them for more information:

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