Sarah Palin’s Alaska trailer focuses more on Sarah Palin than Alaska

A trailer for TLC’s upcoming docudrama Sarah Palin’s Alaska has been released, and focuses more on Sarah Palin and her family than Alaska.

When the Mark Burnett-produced show was announced, it was described as “a new eight-part documentary series about the remarkable Governor Palin and her home state of Alaska,” and an executive said it would “tell the story of Alaska.” That sounded like it was going to be closer to a nature documentary than to The Real Housewives.

While this is just a 30-second preview, it looks mostly like a docudrama about Sarah Palin that’s set in Alaska. She’s outside a lot, and the trailer emphasizes her “adventures,” but being in nature isn’t exactly telling the story of that place. There’s pretty much nothing about Alaska except the setting.

Anyway, the preview was posted to YouTube a little while ago by Steve Garfield, who wrote that he “Just got this video of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC from Mark Burnett backstage at BlogWorld Expo.”

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