Big Brother fan Seth Green launches Control TV, on which a man will live online

For six weeks starting Wednesday, a man will live his life on the Internet, allowing himself to be controlled by viewers. The big difference between Control TV and Big Brother is that he’s not confined to a space or forced to compete with other people in lame challenges, and the big difference from the man who did this six years ago is that this is produced by Seth Green and sponsored by Ford and Sprint. As to other differences, well, the new show follows Tristan, 25, while the old one followed Kieran, 35.

However, the Associated Press’ report acts like it’s new and crazypants, saying that this “may sound slightly dystopic” and that “many have experimented in streaming their lives live on the Internet, [but] ‘Control TV’ hopes the interactivity with the audience will set the show apart.” Alas, that’s exactly what Our Prisoner did in 2006, though that was for six months, not six weeks, and 35-year-old Kieran Vogel was confined to his house.

Seth Green, who created Control TV with his Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich and is “addicted” to Big Brother, according to the AP, said producers will “guide it so that none of the decisions are really detrimental to him” but that he worries about “Strangers. Crazy people.” because “People can react bizarrely when they cameras out in public. So we’re hoping that no one is going to go out of their way to hurt our guy.” Still, he said, “We really want to see what can come of it. There’s things that are exclusive to this medium and we want to play around.”

The show, by the way, was cast by Robyn Kass, who casts Big Brother, and includes among its executive producers Ken Fuchs, who has directed The Bachelor.

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