Paula Abdul’s dance reality series changes its name, reveals its judges, host

Paula Abdul’s reality TV comeback, a CBS dance competition, has changed its name and reveled its host and judges, who are not-exactly-household-names.

While the series was called Got to Dance when Paula joined the show, it is now being called Live to Dance. It will be hosted by Australian Idol co-host Andrew Günsberg, and judged by choreographer Travis Payne, who recently worked on Michael Jackson’s This is It, and former Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt, in addition to Paula, who will also be the contestants’ mentor.

The show is having open call auditions in New York this weekend, and in Los Angeles later this month. CBS’ press release says that the show “represents one of the most inclusive talent searches on television, searching for dancers with raw ability from any age group across the nation performing either solo or in a group.”

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