Hoarders’ Sir Patrick is a convicted sex offender, felon

One of the more memorable people to appear on A&E’s awesome Hoarders this season is actually a convicted sex offender. Sir Patrick, an eccentric hoarder who called his home Camelot and insisted his crap was worth millions, said his name was Patrick Donovan Flanagan O’Shannahan, but is really Roger Sisson, and a Smoking Gun investigation reveals that he is “a registered sex offender whose rap sheet includes three years in a Michigan prison for an attempted sex attack on an 18-year-old coed and a felony assault conviction for throwing a 72-year-old woman to the ground following a fender bender.”

The episode portrayed Sir Patrick as an eccentric hoarder who talked openly about his longing for connection with other people and his ability to admit that he had an issue with collecting things (the full episode is on A&E’s site). But documents and court records discovered by The Smoking Gun show he is “a 65-year-old repeat felon who has created a fantastical, fabricated biography that includes a purported knighthood and a celebrated military career that left him with a chest full of medals.”

The site reports he “has been arrested a half-dozen times since 1994. He has been busted for trespassing, fraud, failing to register as a sex offender, violating probation, and aggravated battery on a person over 65.” The last item refers to the time he pushed a 72-year-old woman to the ground after a traffic accident; she broke her hip, he plead guilty and went to jail for six months.

In addition to details of the arrest, The Smoking Gun has nine different mug shots.

“Hoarders” Star A Convicted Sex Offender [The Smoking Gun]

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