Win Mythbusters Jamie and Adam talking bobbleheads

The stars of Discovery’s reality series Mythbusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, have turned themselves into test subjects for a number of myths over the past seven years, and now they’ve been turned into talking bobblehead dolls.

They’re nearly eight inches tall each, and they talk: Adam says things like “danger is my middle name” and “you should never try anything like this unless you have your own television show,” and Jamie says “I always enjoyed seeing Adam in pain” and “I’m not sure what it’s gonna do, but it looks cool.”

The $50 set is available only at Discovery’s online store, but one lucky person gets the set for free, courtesy of the Discovery Channel.

For a chance at winning, just leave a comment below, and make sure you have a working e.mail address associated with your profile. (If you log in via Facebook, make sure a stranger, me, can send you a message. And if it’s your first time commenting, follow the instructions so your real name shows up, or else your comment won’t be posted and you won’t be entered, and you’ll learn your lesson the hard way.) From the entries, I’ll let a random number generator pick the winner at noon ET Friday, and you’ll get the bobbleheads. No purchase necessary, you’re responsible for any taxes, et cetera.

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