30 extra inches of stage can’t save The Situation on DWTS

Jersey Shore star Michael Sorrentino, aka The Situation, was voted out of Dancing with the Stars last night, because whatever fans he had voting for him couldn’t compensate for the string of 4s he got from the judges for his Argentine tango technique. (The judges also rated performance, and he scored slightly higher there.)

After he was eliminated, Tom Bergeron confessed he hadn’t watched The Situation’s MTV reality series until this summer, and said, “you seem different here.” Mike said, “I give what is needed at the particular situation. … On Jersey Shore you get like a little keyhole of who I really am. On Dancing with the Stars, you really got to see the whole Situation.” Well, not the whole Situation, but if he’s anything like other MTV reality stars, that will come soon enough.

For the show’s “acoustic week,” pop songs were mangled acoustically, and the stage was changed to a circular design that was raised 30 inches off the ground, and those extra inches saw Bristol Palin stripping off Mark Ballas’ shirt in front of her parents, Sarah and Todd Palin, who were in the audience. Alas, she had the second lowest score for her rumba, earning triple sixes for her technique, and two fives and a four for her performance, while Florence Henderson, aka Mrs. Brady, turned in a risque performance of the rumba that freaked out the judges.

Jennifer Grey’s march toward the finale continued with the season’s first 10s, although that was in the performance category (she got three nines for technique), and even then, cranky bastard Len Goodman kept her from getting a perfect score by giving her a nine.

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