Bristol Palin also “surprised and shocked” she’s safe, Florence Henderson was eliminated

Dancing with the Stars eliminated Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas last night, leaving Bristol Palin in the competition despite the fact that she had the lowest scores of the night. And, you know, sucks at dancing.

Bristol found the results to be shocking, too: “I was scared and nervous going into the night, but we got through so that’s very exciting … I was definitely surprised and shocked when they said we were safe … with our low scores and stuff, it was pretty stressful,” she told Us Weekly.

For her part, Florence Henderson, who’s also a fan of the show, told the magazine she “was a little surprised, but you know I’ve watched this show since it began, and I’ve seen absolutely shocking things happen on it, so somebody has to go.”

On the results show, Florence praised Dancing with the Stars, saying, according to the AP, “I have been in TV for over 50 years, and I have to say in all honesty that this is one of the best-produced shows I’ve ever been on. I’ve loved this show since it began. I think it’s just a tremendous show. I hope I’ve inspired people to get up off their behind and move and dance and live and enjoy life.”

Had she won the show’s crappy mirror ball trophy, she might have had a different opinion, so maybe it’s good she was eliminated now and her fantasy can remain intact.

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