TJ Lavin unconscious again but “gave the docs a thumbs up”

Challenge host T.J. Lavin remains in a medically induced coma after a bike accident, but was able to respond to doctors this morning.

ESPN reports that his mother told a friend in a text message, “Neuro came and spoke to T.J. He moved his hands around and he gave the docs a thumbs up. He is not conscious. He’s back on sedation to rest and minimize brain swelling.” ESPN notes that TJ has “an orbital fracture on his eye and a fractured right wrist. Contrary to earlier reports, Lavin did not suffer any broken ribs.”

Incredibly, a friend of TJ’s is hospitalized at the same place with a similar injury after a similar accident that took place at TJ’s home the day before. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

“The Dew Tour’s reigning BMX Dirt champion, Ryan Nyquist, said Lavin might have been distracted by a tragic accident that happened Wednesday at Lavin’s BMX track behind his Las Vegas home.

Ty Pinney, a graphic designer for Lavin’s company, crashed and was taken to UMC, where he was put into a medically induced coma for a brain injury.

“I don’t know what T.J. was thinking before he rode, but I heard (Pinney’s) accident really bothered him,” said Nyquist, the top qualifier for today’s 2 p.m. BMX Park finals. “But you can’t ride like we do unless you are completely focused.”

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