Challenge host TJ Lavin in coma, critical condition

Pro BMX rider TJ Lavin, the host of MTV’s Challenge series since its 11th season, is in critical condition and a medically induced coma after a failed bike stunt Thursday night.

TJ has “a possible brain injury” and “a shattered right wrist, broken right arm and fractured eye socket,” according to his mother, Radar reports. That ride “was going to be Lavin’s final professional ride, as he’d complained of the injuries he’d been piling up on the circuit and was retiring.”

ESPN reports that he “was attempting a nac nac combination over the second set of the dirt course, and failed to get his feet back on the pedals upon landing. He was thrown from the bike and knocked unconscious. Lavin additionally suffered a shattered right wrist and broken ribs.” That was part of the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas.

There was a video of the incident on YouTube, but NBC asked YouTube to take it down “on copyright grounds,” according to the site. Copyright, sure.

Update: The video is back, at least for now.

TJ Lavin in critical condition [ESPN]
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