American Idol semi-finalist John Park places second in South Korea’s Idol

American Idol 9 semi-finalist John Park made it to the final two of Superstar K, South Korea’s version of the singing competition, and since he’s obviously more popular there than he was in the US, he may stay there.

He lost to Huh Gak but “Park received the support of one of the judges, while Huh got the votes of the two others,” The Daily Northwestern reports, noting that the “winner was determined by a combination of the three judges’ scores and viewers’ votes.” (Kelly Clarkson guest judged earlier this season.) As a result, John “currently has offers for commercials, ranging from cosmetics to clothing lines, as well as possible movie and television roles.”

But John told the paper, “After all of the media appointments for Superstar K2 are over, I’m probably going to settle down and pursue a music career. I might stay in Korea to do this.”

One of the judges, Yoon Jong Shin, told the paper, “The general consensus in Korea right now is that John Park has something special about him, which I think stems from his uniquely low singing voice and good looks.”

John Park finishes second in ‘Superstar K’ [Daily Northwestern]

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