Randy Jackson has “stepped up his game” to be like Simon Cowell, Idol (PR) “sources” say

A rumor leaked from the set of American Idol 10‘s auditions suggests that Randy Jackson is no longer the most ignorable judge, but that he essentially become Simon Cowell, in addition to taking the former judge’s chair.

An “Idol insider” leaked the following super-secret information to E! News, which needed two reporters to gather this information from “sources on the set.” That person said, “It’s been like Randy has stepped up his game and is being more blunt and bottom line. He’s definitely not wishy-washy. He’s, like, rebranded himself a little.” And Ryan Seacrest said on his radio show that Randy has become “the one to shut it down the most.”

Considering how skeptical some people are about the new judging panel, never mind Randy Jackson’s ability to say anything insightful, constructive, or coherent, this seems like Fox using a willing media outlet to prop up and promote its series. Then again, Randy (and the other judges) did improve when Kara DioGuardi was added to the panel during the show’s eighth season, so perhaps he really is better, dawg, you know, yeah man, ooh, dawg.

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