Nigel Lythgoe tells critics “you’re really SICK” after he pimps a 15-year-old Idol contestant

Nigel Lythgoe’s return as executive producer of American Idol 10 means more than just what he brings to the show behind the scenes, because his lack of a filter and ancient attitudes (like he’s demonstrated on So You Think You Can Dance) can often be more interesting and/or entertaining than the actual show.

He demonstrated that this week during auditions for American Idol. MJ has links to his succession of tweets which started with Nigel’s praise for a 15-year-old contestant (“a really gifted 15 year old that may well win #AmericanIdol this Season”).

That prompted fans to reply on Twitter with comments about him pimping a contestant and even rigging the show, and their reaction led Nigel to write: “Wow people talking about pimping and rigging because I liked a 15 year old. I didn’t mention male or female or name them. You’re really SICK.”

MJ points out that, late yesterday, “Nigel attempted to make nice with the fans he pissed off” by praising a 28-year-old, after earlier insisting we shouldn’t judge the younger contestants the show is now allowing to audition.

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