A&E burning off Tony Danza’s Teach after it loses viewers

A&E is burning off the remaining four episodes of Teach: Tony Danza by doubling down this week and next, and thus ending the series next Friday night instead of in mid-November. That’s because the show has lost viewers over its run.

The Futon Critic reports that the series debuted with “a modest 937,000 viewers (and a 0.3 rating among adults 18-49) on October 1, a number which has fallen to 606,000 viewers (and a 0.2 rating among adults 18-49) in its most recent airing.” Thus, the Nov. 12 finale will air next week.

I really like the show, which surprised me in a number of ways, and it has both a charismatic star and consequence. I’m not sure why people aren’t watching. The shitty timeslot? Although it focuses on how difficult teaching is, it can’t possibly be too real, considering A&E’s hit series Hoarders is as raw and gritty real as it gets. At least on Teach: Tony Danza, he’s not uncovering cat carcasses under mounds of human feces every week. Although, maybe if he did more people would be watching.

Update: I’ve just learned A&E has decided to not air two episodes tonight, and will instead air just the regularly scheduled fourth episode, which is titled “Homesick.” Perhaps reaction to A&E’s decision to end Teach: Tony Danza early had some effect?

And if you haven’t seen the show yet, catch up on Hulu:

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