Real World returning to Las Vegas for season 25, having run out of cities; Hard Rock will host

For its 25th season, The Real World will again make a return trip to a city where it’s been before: Las Vegas. The MTV show aired its first season there in 2002, and then returned to the same $2 million suite at The Palms for a reunion season in 2007.

The new season will be filmed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Vevmo reports, citing both tweets and job postings from mid-August. Vevmo has accurately identified return cities for the show, including, most recently, New Orleans, and notes that “it would be safe to assume that filming will commence shortly and run through December (which means those of you in Las Vegas need to fire up those camera phones and set up camp at the Hard Rock!).” The season started casting in April.

As pretty definitive confirmation of this, the Hard Rock Hotel’s Twitter account re-tweeted Jack Colton’s tweet that contained the news, but then deleted its re-tweet, although not before people re-tweeted that, thus leaving a record.

Like The Real World New Orleans, which is airing now, we can assume MTV will just call this return season The Real World Las Vegas, because it aired eight years ago and no one watching now could possibly have been watching back then or know who Trishelle Cannatella and her fellow cast members are.

I also think it’s a super-safe bet that the show will continue to embrace its wild side as it reaches its mid-20s, because Las Vegas is a place to party 24/7. Or maybe they’ll get jobs as those people who hand out catalogs of whores on the Strip. Or just strip.

The Real World: Back to Las Vegas [Vevmo]

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