Bachelor Pad ends as couples prevail, share cash, but do only ardent Bachelor fans care?

Bachelor Pad, the competition spin-off of the dating reality series, concluded its first season last night, with Dave Good and Natalie Getz winning and splitting $250,000. They beat Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn, one of three couples to make it to the end; unlike on the real Bachelor, couples actually lasted.

I read about three recaps before I found one that made any sense, perhaps because the show is so lame people couldn’t be bothered to spend any time on recaps. But here’s one: The Hartford Courant’s Roger Catlin runs down the finale, including a Dancing with the Stars challenge (hello, ABC synergy) and the big twist, which involved the cash prize. The winning couple’s greed was tested as they had to decide whether to keep or share the $250,000. If they both decided to keep it, everyone else would split the prize. But since they both picked share, they were rewarded.

As to the winners, Dave told Zap2it that he and Natalie are “going to continue our relationship, taking it slow because we were such good friends before the show that neither of us wants to rush into anything.”

My overall sense of the show is that it had some passionate fans but wasn’t Bachelor-level popular. (Last week, 2.5 million more people watched a repeat of Two and a Half Men than this show.) I tried to watch a couple episodes but just couldn’t get into it, even with the completely ridiculous challenges that were just unashamedly whorish. I think that’s probably attributable to the fact that I barely watch The Bachelor, so I don’t know and am certainly not invested in all of the rejects they brought back to compete.

So instead of watching the two-hour Bachelor Pad finale, I watched my current favorite show, A&E’s Hoarders, which included a house that had piles of cat feces three feet high, plus mummified cats and bonus human feces in trash bags piled up and covering a staircase. I made the right choice.

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