Brad Womack returning as The Bachelor

The Bachelor‘s 11th star, Brad Womack is returning as the star of the show’s 15th season. That report is contrary to other reports that the show would be fronted by either alumnus Ty Brown or Chris Lambton, who reportedly rejected the offer back in August, and was subsequently protected by Chris Harrison.

“All signs are pointing to Brad being the next Bachelor. And it’s not that far fetched because apparently they asked him last year before asking Jake Pavelka,” Steve Carbone, aka Reality Steve, told Star Magazine.

The well-connected blogger, whose reports on the show are nearly always exactly right, later wrote on Twitter, “Not a rumor anymore. Brad Womack will be the next Bachelor. Expect them to officially announce it later this week, if not tonight on DWTS.”

Texas bar owner Brad is essentially responsible for the show’s resurgence. During his season’s finale, Brad rejected both women, leading the show to embrace its failures instead of–or alongside–the fairy tale bullshit.

Brad Womack: The Next Bachelor! [Star Magazine]

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