Survivor 22 call sheets leaked, reveal crew schedules, merged tribe name

The Smoking Gun has obtained and published call sheets from season 22 of Survivor, the Rob Mariano versus Russell Hantz season.

They were left in a room at the Pelican Eyes resort in San Juan del Sur by a crew member. Hilariously, it includes a “confidentiality note” that asks crew members to “please be especially diligent in making sure to secure any sensitive materials pertaining to our show,” and says call sheets such as this one should be shredded. (I wonder if CBS’ lawyers will go after TSG.)

The call sheets are for day 34 and 35 of 39 [PDF], and look pretty much identical to the ones I saw on location in Gabon, Brazil, and Samoa. They’re basically the crew’s daily schedule, and show the complexity and organization of the production, breaking down the schedule for such things as challenge rehearsals. There are also detailed schedules for transportation and catering, which has to provide meals both for crew at base camp and those who are in the field. It’s an exceptionally complex production.

Since Sunday was day 35, that means the final Tribal Council was held last night, and the cast will be heading back to the U.S. today or tomorrow. The biggest spoiler is the name of the merged tribe on season 22: Murlonia. Otherwise, there are no details about the cast or game, because, of course, these documents are advance plans for the crew. Day 34 was the challenge team’s day off, which includes a game of Schmergen brawl.

On day 35, there’s a challenge called “Bone to Pick,” and the schedule. It also includes the Dream Team filming the “2nd unit” footage, the close-ups we see as Probst explains the challenge, and “Cinflex,” which are the aerial shots from the helicopter of Dream Team members standing in for contestants. There are also planned helicopter shots of stand-ins leaving Tribal Council, so yes, what you see on TV post-Tribal is not the actual tribe departing.

Unlike some of the call sheets I saw on location, this doesn’t have the Dream Team going to wardrobe in advance, but they have outfits that match what the contestants wear, so it’s not obvious that the helicopter shots show stand-ins.

For more behind-the-scenes details, check out the Survivor cast contract and rule book.

Memos Avoid “Survivor” Shredder [The Smoking Gun]

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