Some Survivor Nicaragua contestants were recruited, but CBS doesn’t want you to know

A Survivor Nicaragua cast member said in an interview that she was surprised by how many of her fellow competitors had been recruited, and how that affected their preparation for the show, but CBS stopped her from discussing that–even though it’s not surprising at all.

Recruiting is nothing new, and has, in fact, brought us some of the show’s most memorable contestants and best players. It’s something casting director Lynne Spillman discussed with me at great length almost two years ago, pointing out that the number of applications they get “keeps dwindling and dwindling. The same people, though, have kept applying,” which makes recruiting necessary. And when I interviewed contestants pre-game, it’s something I asked everyone about.

But in an interview with the Kansas City Star, Yve Rojas, an actress/homemaker who’s on the older person tribe, said she’s a fan of the show, so “I was expecting the worst, so I was more prepared–I don’t know if I can say this–but I was surprised at those (on the show) who seemed flabbergasted by the intensity, by the difficulties, by how real it was. I was surprised that many of those people had been recruited.”

Yve was interrupted, however, by a CBS publicist: “And at this point a CBS publicist jumped in to remind Rojas that the show’s casting process is something ‘we usually don’t talk about.'”

Meet Yve Rojas, KC’s latest ‘Survivor’ castaway [Kansas City Star]

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