Fall 2010 reality TV debut schedule

Summer is officially over, although it still feels like summer–and it feels like I just compiled the list of summer reality show debuts. But here comes the fall reality TV.

This is a frequently-updated list of officially announced debut dates for new and returning reality series. For shows that premiered before the start of September, see the summer schedule. And don’t forget that the first TV broadcasts of documentaries have their own schedule: 2010 TV documentary schedule.

Times listed are ET, and, as always, networks sometimes change their week-to-week schedules. For up-to-date news on more popular shows, click the [news] link that follows it.


  • Hoarders [A&E, Sept. 6, Mondays at 9]
  • Thintervention with Jackie Warner [Bravo, Sept. 6, Mondays at 10]
  • America’s Next Top Model 15 [The CW, Sept. 8, Wednesdays at 8] news
  • The Day Before [Sundance Channel, Sept. 8, Wednesdays at 10]
  • Destination Truth [SyFy, Sept. 9, Thursdays at 9]
  • World of Jenks [MTV, Sept. 13, Mondays at 10]
  • Survivor Nicaragua [CBS, Sept. 15, Wednesdays at 8] news
  • Top Chef Just Desserts [Bravo, Sept. 15 at 11, Wednesdays at 10] news
  • The Apprentice 7 [NBC, Sept. 16 at 9, Thursdays at 10] news
  • Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters [VH1, Sept. 19, Sundays at 9]
  • Dancing with the Stars [ABC, Sept. 20, Mondays at 8, Tuesdays at 9] news
  • The Biggest Loser 10 [NBC, Sept. 21, Tuesdays at 8] news
  • Hell’s Kitchen 8 [Fox, Sept. 22, Wednesdays at 8] hanged
  • A constantly updated list of the Dancing with the Stars 21 cast