Tim Gunn’s gossip-filled book out today, and he says “I fear retribution”

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn has a new book out today, and unlike his previous book, this one might get him into trouble.

While it’s titled Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work, the book isn’t just innocuous advice. Instead, it’s described as including “delightfully dishy stories of fashion’s greatest divas, behind-the-scenes glimpses of Runway’s biggest drama queens, and never-before-revealed insights into Tim’s private life.” There’s an excerpt on ABC News’ web site that focuses on Project Runway, like when Tim writes that in the fashion industry, those involved with the Bravo series “were treated as though we were magicians telling everyone how the rabbit got in the hat.”

But it’s as a result of the gossip that Tim has irked some in the fashion world now, and Tim told The Daily Beast, “Do I fear retribution? Yes, absolutely.” He said the publisher had him change some stories, and the site reports that Tim “reserves special contempt for [Isaac] Mizrahi, whom he portrays as a petulant, insufferable diva.”

But it’s the dirt that’s getting attention. “On Isaac, my Liz Claiborne superiors said to me, ‘Do not include him in this book,’ but I couldn’t not! His behavior is too egregious. But the story I included [about Mizrahi flipping out that his security guard is wearing brown] is very, I’m gonna make up a word now, ‘vanilla-ized.’ The spice is really taken out of it,” Tim said. For his part, Mizrahi took the high road: “Tim is a doll. I hope these stories help him sell his book,” his spokeswoman told The Daily Beast.

Tim added that “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. In the fashion industry and the entertainment industry, there’s a class system. I find it offensive. … If one were to sit with me in a quiet little bistro somewhere, one would get these stories out of me pretty quickly. It’s not as though I needed a sodium pentathol and a glass of room-temp gin to do it.”

But now that he has told them, they’ve become one of Amazon’s most-popular books.

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