Big Brother renewed for season 13, as ratings are up despite this season being boring

CBS has renewed Big Brother for a 13th season. It will air, as usual, during the summer.

This is the least surprising news ever considering that the ratings increased 5 percent among all viewers (averaging 7.46 million an episode compared to 7.26 million last summer), 4 percent among adults 18 to 49, and 10 percent among adults ages 18 to 34, according to the network.

CBS reality exec Jen Bresnan overstated the case significantly in her press release quote, saying that “Every year, our producers deliver innovative twists and turns, consistently evolving this proven franchise and engaging one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases on television and online.”

This season definitely failed to deliver any twists and turns or anything innovative–except, of course, the awesome Zingbot. And it remains to be seen whether the “loyal and interactive fan[s]” who felt burned after this year will return next year. Who are we kidding: Of course they will!

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