The Zingbot, Big Brother 12’s best part, is still funny

We’ve been free of Big Brother 12 for days now, and I have no doubt that in a year, we won’t be able to recall half of the houseguests, at the very least. But there is one part of this season that I think will live on, and should: The Zingbot 3000. It was the producers’ absolute best idea this season, a million times better than the saboteur twist.

Perhaps illustrating how completely screwed up my brain is from watching the show all summer, the Zingbot keeps popping into my head, like when I’m running or emptying the dishwasher. The actual footage of its appearance cracks me up, and watching this extra footage from the clip show that aired last Sunday, I realized what it is: not the corny jokes, which are okay, but the way it says “zing,” dragging it out in that high-pitched, electronic-tinged voice. Best of all, it starts off as if the robot was constipated, so it takes a significant amount of time to get the “zzz” out. And when it says two in a row, “zzzziiiiiiing! zzzziiiiiiing!” I just can’t stand it. If you want to make me break into hysterical laughter, just walk up to me and say that twice.

Here’s bonus footage of the Zingbot zinging the houseguests:

And the Zingbot’s first TV appearance:

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