Ragan out but Big Brother gets real drama from Matt smugly confessing wife lie

At the start of Big Brother 12‘s penultimate Thursday episode, Ragan said, “I am not just going to roll over and die. I’m going to find a way to guarantee another week in the house.” Make that the jury house, because he was evicted.

I’ll give him credit, though: He tried. And even though he later excused everyone and even their shitty game play, he did make the best arguments he could, and even framed them well for the people he was talking to, Lane and Britney. He dumbed things down for Lane, saying, “it’s going to seem like the stupidest question that you’ve heard in the game: Are you here to give away a half million dollars or are you here to win a half million dollars?” Lane, of course, chose the latter, and wondered in the Diary Room, “Do I stick with the bridgade and take my chances at winning with them, or do I throw my alliance out the window and do what’s best for me in this game?”

Britney, too, pointed out that “to keep Ragan in the house is beneficial to me.” Yet she didn’t vote to force a tie, probably because she knew Lane had decided not to bail on his alliance, even though he’s third in line. Ragan did suggest this could be an actual power move, but they didn’t take the risk. Alas.

Meanwhile, I was ready to curse all of you who wanted jury house footage, because it started with unbearable moments, the worst of every one of those people packed into an entire segment: Rachel’s screech, Kathy’s flatness, Matt’s “diabolical superasswipe” self-congratulations, Brendon’s pout.

But then!

Then, Matt decided it was “time to drop the bomb on them” so they could “know the real Matt.” He told them he lied about his wife being sick. Brendon immediately said, “You are going to hell,” and Rachel later said, “You’re the most horrible person I’ve ever met in my life.”

But it was Kathy who was really hurt. Kathy, a cancer survivor, told him, “That is so wrong. There are sick people out there in the world that are suffering and I’m one of them, and then you’re sit there and make something up? For $500,000? I don’t give a fuck if it was for a million dollars. That is sick. That disgusts me, it really does.”

You’d think being confronted about his lie by Julie Chen would have led to some self-reflection or humility, or perhaps that would come once he realized that his lie had hurt actual people and made them think less of him as a person. But no: Matt grinned the whole time and when asked if he regretted it, he said, “I regret because it didn’t pay out.” What an asshole.

I cannot wait for him to tell Ragan, especially after Julie Chen–Julie! best questions all season–primed the pump by asking Ragan more than once about why he thought Matt was such an amazing, wonderful human being, not the soulless asshole we all know him to be.

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