Big Brother will be preempted, delayed tonight by football for many people

Big Brother 12‘s lack of drama will be delayed for many people across the country, while others will see the show on a different channel. While people in bulky costumes slamming into each other and competing as if winning actually matters might typically be confused with the reality competition, I can assure you it’s something different, even with all the ass-slapping.

That’s because of final pre-season NFL football games tonight, which reality blurred TSG and football consultant Victor helped me decipher. Apparently the college kids who play the football games will also be doing something tonight, but that will not interfere with Julie Chen’s work.

Thankfully, a kind person identified only as Kelvin has created a Google map that aggregates information from local CBS affiliates and indicates exactly where it is being preempted and when the show will ultimately be broadcast in that area:

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