Big Brother live feeds blocked as CBS pre-tapes Wednesday episode

As if the people who paid for the Big Brother live feeds weren’t already getting screwed by the lameness of this season’s cast and the coma that has been the past week or two, but they are really getting their money’s worth today and tomorrow as CBS has cut the live feeds.

That’s apparently so CBS can pre-tape Wednesday’s episode, which includes an eviction and the final head of household competition, which will occur with the feeds off. The “Live, Uncensored Access!” promises is, as is often case, censored, as the feeds may not return until as late as tomorrow night.

Real Networks said in a statement that “CBS production is blocking the live feeds today. Subscribers to SuperPass will have access to special programming during that time. The block will occur for an extended period of time starting today (Tuesday) morning BBT.” In addition, Real posted on its official Facebook page that “We are having A Big Brother House Party, starting Tuesday and your invited!” and then replied to a comment admitting the subtext: “yes CBS is blocking the feeds starting on tuesday, We will have the special live programs for all of you to enjoy.” Hopefully those live programs won’t be about how to punctuate and write grammatically correct sentences. Those who paid are expressing their anger on Facebook.

Big Brother Gossip’s Mike writes that this is likely “is to prevent people from knowing Britney will be evicted (oops – shh!) and seeing who has won part one of the three part final HoH competition,” and summarizes’ feed-watchers frustration: “No matter what [executive producer] Allison [Grodner] says about valuing the live feed watchers — all she cares about is the TV ratings — which have been very good this season. What they don’t to realize (or maybe believe) is that the live feed viewers and fans have been the thing that has kept Big Brother alive all these years.”

As part of this, the three hours of live feeds broadcast on Showtime 2 will be blocked tonight and will show reruns instead. Considering that literally nothing has happened for days except for the houseguests lounging around, sleeping, and talking shit about Rachel–although Lane apparently masturbated again–this may all be for the better.

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