Big Brother houseguests actively resist playing the game, clean house instead

Big Brother‘s singing clam and sock puppets made to look like the houseguests should have one giant mouth hug to viewers. Instead, they came off as a barely reconfigured challenge from last season and a bit that lasted only a few minutes and was almost ignored by some of the houseguests, like Enzo, whose puppet moved its mouth once for every three or four sentences he spoke.

There were good moments here: I laughed out loud at Enzo’s sock puppet getting its mouth blurred when Enzo swore, and there was a lot of drama for a few seconds when nominees Enzo and Ragan were the last two standing in the veto competition, one of this season’s few moments of intensity in a competition. (Britney even broke the fourth wall and told the producers, “If you guys don’t slow motion what happened, I’m not talking to you any more.”) And I have no doubt that Otev the Broadway Clam singing “I was high on my luck” was about right, if only for the first three words.

But here’s what really stood out during the episode: Hayden was convinced voting out Britney would be “a power move.” Britney talking final-two strategy with Lane led him to tell her to go to sleep. Ragan’s loss in the veto competition caused him to throw a temper-tantrum, cry, and pout. Then we got five minutes of Britney cleaning out the fridge by throwing away what looked like perfectly fine food.

Yes, once again, no one wants to play the damn game.

When Ragan lost, he started pouting immediately (Hayden narrated that “Ragan hurls his CD and both the clam and Enzo take it right in the face,” and the CD bouncing off the clam and hitting Enzo in the head was amusing, especially since it was unintentional), and then crying. He said that he had an “overwhelming sense of heartbreak” because he had “given my all to this game.” That wasn’t much then, was it? And, why give up? How about channeling that frustration into something like, say, game play?!

Ultimately, Enzo’s veto win meant that Lane had to nominate someone new, and he went with Hayden, the perceived safer choice. Ragan promised us that he would “find ways to exploit” rifts in the guys’ alliance, but I’m not so sure I believe that. And even if it is true, we’ll see it during five minutes at the start of tonight’s episode, before we’re treated to 10 minutes of an interview with the guy Ragan gets coffee from every morning. Six episodes to go.

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