Britney’s house burned down, fiance okay

The house that Big Brother 12 jury member Britney Haynes rents with her fiance burned down this morning.

Her fiance, Nick Grisham, “was awakened by the blaze” and “made it out without injury,” the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports. The fire “was started by a small grill in the backyard that ignited the grass, spreading to a trash can and then the house, investigators said. Laura Grisham said her son was grilling and that the fire started despite his dousing the coals in water.”

Nick’s mother says her son told the producers not to tell Britney–not that they would have anyway, considering that, nine years ago, they concealed the events of Sept. 11 from the houseguests for days. “He told them what happened and they agreed they wouldn’t say anything to Britney. She can’t do anything. The final show is tonight and it’s live. There’s no sense in her knowing,” Laura Grisham told the paper.

‘Big Brother’ contestant’s Hillcrest home burns [Arkansas Democrat Gazette]

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