American Idol 10: now with more technical screw-ups, and some new judges

American Idol 10 had its big reveal of its new judges at 1 p.m. ET, and streaming the event live was a colossal failure. The video didn’t start until minutes after the event apparently did, and once the video went live, there was no sound until the very end. And even then, it was the opposite of clear.

Technical screw-ups are nothing new for the show, despite the fact that it’s the most-popular series in the country. So it’s kind of sad that this is what we’ve come to expect. At least this announcement wasn’t important, since we’ve known what was coming for almost two months.

From watching the muted version, I learned that Steven Tyler is less important than Jennifer Lopez, who got to emerge from a cloud of well-lit fog (a diva demand?, while Steven Tyler just walked out from behind a partition. When the audio kicked in, J Lo said she wanted to find the next Michael Jackson. Finally, Randy Jackson may have been introduced first, when the video wasn’t working, but he just seemed like an afterthought, coming out to stand next to Steven Tyler and J Lo, who look remarkably similar to one another.

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