Big Brother UK house evacuated after flood

The nine remaining housemates in the UK’s Big Brother 11 house are now back in the house after being evacuated for the first time in the show’s history after the house flooded. Channel 4’s site has video of the storm and the evacuation.

The Daily Mail reports that “exceptional weather conditions” caused the flooding and “damage is thought to be so severe that the house is unlikely to be deemed safe for housemates in the near future, meaning it is likely housemates will have to be filmed in an alternative location for the time being.”

A Channel 4 spokesperson told the paper, “I can confirm that after some flooding in the Big Brother house all the housemates have been evacuated as a precautionary measure. They are currently put up in alternative accommodation while we are assessing the situation.”

An update on Channel 4’s web site says they “are currently settling into their temporary accommodation in the large task room after returning to the House.”

Perhaps more surprising to those of us who are familiar with the US version is the ridiculousness described by the newspaper about the events that preceded the flood, including that “Josie was given the option of either popping the question to Big Brother’s Little Brother presenter George Lamb, or turning boyfriend John James into a crab for the next three days,” and “Josie’s decision also didn’t go down too well with John James, who must only be referred to as ‘crab-eyes’ for the next three days.”

Yes, he has to dress in a crab costume. That makes years of the leotard seem even lamer by comparison.

Housemates evacuated from the Big Brother house and put up in a hotel after flooding [Daily Mail]

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