A sextuplet show for out-of-ideas TLC, a Hurt Locker series for G4

Two new, and rather different, cable reality shows were announced this week: Another show following a family of sextuplets on TLC (surprise), and a real-life version of The Hurt Locker on G4.

First, the producers of Jon and Kate Plus Eight are producing Sextuplets Take New York for TLC, the network that ran out of ideas a long time ago and is instead content exploiting families despite the wreckage its series leave in their wake. This new show follows “America’s first Latino sextuplets,” the kids of Victor and Digna Carpio, who are “raising active sextuplets and an energetic 9-year-old son in their modest house in Queens, NY,” according to TLC. Or at least, that’s what they’re doing now, pre-fame.

TLC notes that “everyday life can be very stressful considering the challenges of raising their large brood in their small space combined with the health concerns that still persist for the sextuplets and the ongoing financial struggles they face with raising such a large family,” but apparently having cameras in their faces won’t create any kind of additional burden.

Meanwhile, G4 announced it will air Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan next spring, and the show will follow members of the Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Afghanistan. The network says “camera crews will be fully embedded in the operations of the featured EOD Mobile Unit Platoon, providing G4 viewers an insider’s look at this world that has never been seen before,” and offers “action, suspense and drama unlike anything captured on film before.” G4 says the show is “produced by Big Fish Entertainment, under a special agreement with the United States Navy.”

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