Ali engaged to Roberto, dumps Chris early; Reality Steve apologizes

Ali Fedotowsky picked Roberto Martinez at the end of The Bachelorette, and as is usually the case with this spin-off, allowed him to recover his masculinity after a season of leaving all the choices up to a woman by letting him propose marriage, which, of course, she accepted. Ali dumped Chris Lambton before the final rose ceremony, giving this season its promised first when she told him, “I’m in love with somebody else.”

This conclusion is the opposite of what usually reliable Bachelor spoiler Steve Carbone, aka Reality Steve, predicted in late June and which a tabloid contradicted soon after. Yesterday, he wrote, “for the first time in a year, my sources failed me. They actually called to apologize for jumping the gun on the ‘Ali is single’ stuff. They said that through all the information they had gathered and heard, the only conclusion they could come to was that Ali was single. They were wrong. They apologize, and I apologize.”

A conspiracy theory would suggest that ABC successfully planted false information in order to ferret out who was providing details about the show to Steve. But he corrected himself before the finale and added, “they came through for me in the last hours. … If they knew who my sources were, then how would I have gotten the information I just gave you?”

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