Chris Harrison protecting Chris Lambton from pushy fans who don’t “know what’s right”

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison confirmed that The Bachelorette rejectee Chris Lambton hasn’t yet agreed to sign on, and although he holds out some hope, he agrees that the show might not be right for the popular former cast member.

“I don’t want to push him into something he’s not ready to do, or it’s not going to be right and we’ll all end up regretting [it],” the show’s host told People. However, he also said, “There’s an ongoing dialogue. I was just with him this weekend in North Carolina and we talked about the show … it may be right for him, but it may not be.”

Chris Harrison also added, “You have to take aside the clamoring of millions of fans [who] want him to be the Bachelor just because they [want] to wish him well. But they don’t necessarily know what’s right for him or what’s right for the show.”

Clearly, female fans are pushy know-it-alls who don’t know what they’re talking about, but bros who hang out with each other in North Carolina have each other’s backs.

Chris Lambton Still Considering The Bachelor [People]

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