Jake Pavelka proves he’s not gay by lusting after Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The Bachelor 14‘s Jake Pavelka appeared on today’s episode of The View and although he wasn’t quite called out on being an asshole, he did assert his heterosexuality, and he did so by expressing his attraction toward Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

After doing his awkward laugh, he said, “I can’t separate, you know, love and intimacy. I guess that’s the Southern guy in me. And apparently that makes me gay,” Jake said. After Elisabeth said, “papers everywhere are saying you’re gay,” Jake said he had a gay best friend, and then looked at Survivor Australia‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck and said, “I can’t see how somebody can look at you and not be completely attracted.”

Once they brought up the ugly reunion, Elisabeth, of course, took Jake’s side and said Vienna “was all drama like that” all season, but Joy Behar called him “snotty” and someone else said he seemed “controlling,” but he dismissed it by talking about his publicist and chuckling.

Later, though, Whoopi Goldberg told him “darling, you’re full of garbage” when he said he wasn’t acting on the show. Alas, a lot of The View’s audience still seemed enamored with him, rather than booing him out of a career.

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