Gosselins camping with Sarah Palin on her TLC show

When TLC showed footage of Sarah Palin’s Alaska to ad buyers and others in April, they laughed, and not in the good way. So it will be really interesting to see the reaction to the series now that Kate Gosselin and her kids are going to be featured on it. The network announced that yesterday before presenting the cast of their new show Sister Wives, a reality version of Big Love.

The eight episode, Mark Burnett-produced series, for which the Palins are reportedly receiving $250,000 an episode, “has captured the Palin family showing off their beloved state,” TLC president Eileen O’Neill told TV critics Friday, adding that “it has become clear that it takes a special individual to thrive in Alaska. It has also become clear that I am not as rugged as the Palins. In fact, they are an incredibly outdoorsy family.”

That may lead people to tune in, but more likely is the obvious ratings ploy: The addition of the Gosselins. O’Neill said, “recently, the Palins graciously shared their Alaska with the Gosselin family, and that camping trip will be part of an upcoming episode.” And probably the inevitable spin-off, Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Camping Trips with Kate Gosselin.

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