Levi Johnston running for mayor of Wasilla as part of his own reality show

After appearing on a rather entertaining episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, never mind appearing naked in Playgirl, Levi Johnston will run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, in 2012, and that will be chronicled on a reality series called Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. It’s being produced and pitched to networks by Stone and Co., which is currently filming a pilot episode, Variety reports.

In a Variety interview, Levi said “running for mayor is the big part of the show. A little bit of that I’m going to have my boys, I’ll have my life in Hollywood, I’ll be back in Alaska. It’s hard to figure me out. You’ve got to follow me around. I’m very different. I live a crazy life.”

But despite the fact that his manager/body guard Tank Jones said that he wants Levi to run for governor after mayor, Levi admitted that he wasn’t sold on his career as a politician at first (i.e. this was probably just a conceit for a reality show rather than something he wanted to do). “The first time I heard it, I got to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about it. The thought never crossed my mind. But the more I think about it and look into it, I think there is a possibility we can make this happen. It’s something I want to do,” he said.

Levi’s on the stump and Levi Johnston on his reality show, Alaska, and being ‘half-redneck, half-Hollywood’ [Variety]

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