Edyta Sliwinska quits Dancing with the Stars

Edyta Sliwinska, who has been the only pro on Dancing with the Stars since season one, has quit the show, and although one report says that’s because of disagreements with producers, including their inclusion of her husband, Alec Mazo, she now disputes that account.

“The producers’ vision of what they wanted my career to be did not meet my expectations. They wanted my career to be the show. I can’t be a dancer my whole life,” Edyta told TMZ. “I want to work more with my husband and [the producers] didn’t make him a big part of the show or very involved.” She also said, “I am also going back to school to get my degree in Communications and Dance. I also have more projects that I want to work on.”

However, Edyta wrote on Twitter that “TMZ terribly misquoted and misinterpreted everything I said,” including her major in school, which she said is communication and media, which makes more sense.

Edyta added that “I never said anything about “major disagreement with production” of DWTS. We have different views but that’s about it. I’m grateful to the […] show but my life can’t be limited to DWTS.”

Edyta — ‘Dancing’ Stomped on My Career Plans [TMZ]

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