Dancing with the Stars cast is exactly what pre-faux-press conference leaks said it’d be

The cast of Dancing with the Stars 11 was announced during a live, faux press conference that aired toward the end of Bachelor Pad. The announcement was basically unnecessary, since all of the cast members except one had been revealed in advance by publicist leaks to various publications, particularly E! Online, which concluded its reveals the day of the official announcement.

The cast members with vaginas were announced first, and they are Jennifer Grey, Margaret Cho, Brandy, Audrina Patridge, Florence Henderson, and Bristol Palin. Those with penises are Michael Bolton (who was a no-show), Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (also a no-show), David Hasselhoff, Kurt Warner, Kyle Massey, and Rick Fox.

The only surprise/non-leaked name in the 12-person cast was Kyle Massey, who’s also the most unknown cast member, unless you’re a That’s So Raven fan. Overall, the cast is still kind of C-list, though with some big names from the past. Casting director Deena Katz told the Los Angeles Times that this is her “dream team” and said that casting the show is “like putting together the most bizarre and yet entertaining kind of dinner party. I make a jigsaw puzzle of including something for everybody. And what I think works best is, let’s say you watch because you love David Hasselhoff and you have no idea who Margaret Cho is — what I love is this idea that you go in watching The Hoff but you then fall in love with Margaret.”

The cast was announced in a “press conference” hosted by Tom Bergeron, journalist, and Brook Burke, journalist, who asked insightful, journalistic questions such as when Tom asked David, “This is going to be a walk in the park, I guess” and said “we’re glad to have you.” Oh, wait, that’s not a question. Brooke Burke actually asked Bristol a real question about what Sarah Palin thinks, and we learned that Sarah is “excited.”

The rest of the “press conference” and “questions” are supposed to be on ABC.com this morning, but as of 10:15 a.m. ET, there’s nothing, not that there will be anything of substance when it finally is posted.

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