Return of saboteur to Big Brother 12 will mirror season 10’s America’s Player

The Big Brother 12 saboteur twist has become even more like America’s Player, or at least its season 10 version. The new twist will be limited to two weeks, and tied to the Pandora’s Box twist, as it will apparently be the negative consequence of opening the box.

Viewer votes will determine the next saboteur, who the results will be revealed Thursday. That person has the opportunity to win $20,000 by completing acts of sabotage over two weeks, and will remain in the game and their identity won’t be revealed until the finale. However, the person can also refuse, which would be hilarious.

During Saturday’s set visit for TV critics, executive producer Allison Grodner told the other group of critics, “It’s similar to when Dan was ‘America’s Player.'” (In season 10, Dan became America’s Player for one week, when viewer actually had an impact on the game). She also joked, “I hope America does a better job than me” selecting the saboteur.

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