The moment arrives at which I can no longer stand any of the Big Brother 12 houseguests

On Big Brother 12, new HOH Matt took the “coveted” “diamond power of veto” which gave Ragan the chance to be the saboteur, and gave Matt the opportunity to prove himself to be the worst liar the show has ever seen. At least he nominated Rachel and Brendon for eviction, which likely means the end of the couple, even if the POV is used.

This at least pushes the game in a direction that might stir things up, but it wasn’t all that surprising. And I couldn’t muster much excitement because I found myself just thoroughly annoyed. I thought I was just overtired from two weeks in L.A. at press tour, a red-eye flight, and two hours of sleep, but other people seem to be having the same reaction. I just can’t stand these people any more.

I no longer want to:

  • listen to Brendan’s pouty stupidity.
  • hear Rachel’s giggling, crying, or over-modulated loud voice, even if she is one of the few people playing.
  • look into Hayden’s loud, open mouth as it coughs up words (so much for producers telling him to STFU).
  • try to find Britney’s one-liners to be funnier than they really are because she’s the most entertaining person in the house.
  • be subjected to Enzo’s sexist and dumb commentary that he thinks is brilliant.
  • watch Ragan be cruel while destroying his chances at flying under the radar all the way to the end by picking and/or stoking a fight with Rachel and Brendon, never mind accepting the saboteur offer instead of rejecting it (which would have made at least some viewers, like me, happy).
  • stare at Matt’s stubbly cleavage as half of his mouth explains why he’s so amazing despite being an awful awful player.

About the only person I actually like is Kathy, and that’s mostly by default. This season might be redeemed if Kathy ends up in the final two, since she’s the least awful; Ragan or Lane in the final two with her might make me gag less. But we have a month and a week to go. Oh, and Jeff and Jordan are back Wednesday, so that’s not going to help things.

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