Ad buyers think American Idol is in decline, will fall from #1 this year or next

American Idol‘s reign at the top of the television mountain is coming to an end, according to the people who matter most: those who buy and place advertising.

Media Life surveyed media buyers and found that Simon Cowell’s “exit will hasten the show’s decline in the ratings,” and added that “88 percent chose Cowell” as the judge they’ll miss the most. “Just 11 percent chose [Paula] Abdul, who left last year, and fewer than 2 percent chose [Ellen] DeGeneres, who lasted just one season.”

Over half think that its time at number one will end after this year: “A fifth of respondents, 21 percent, think it will fall out of No. 1 this year, while 36 percent think this coming season will be its last. Another 27 percent give it two more seasons, this upcoming one and the next. Just 11 percent think it would be No. 1 for three more seasons,” according to Media Life.

Buyers: ‘Idol’s’ best days are behind it [Media Life]

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