Congressional candidate Sean Duffy doing well, but still has to defend Real World actions

Sean Duffy, a candidate for Congress who calls himself “pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage, pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment,” is doing well in his campaign, but still has to deal with the repercussions of appearing on The Real World Boston in 1997.

After deciding not to run for Congress in 2004, he announced his candidacy a year ago for retiring Democrat David R. Obey’s seat and said, “I think people want is not to talk about some reality TV program 12 years ago. They want to talk about reality today.”

Try again: The Washington Post reported this week that some voters “are just catching wind of the tree-climbing 38-year-old’s nightclubbing, woman-chasing antics on the 1997 Boston season.”

At a campaign event, Sean told voters, “I was young. They edit in things. I didn’t have any kids yet. If you want to know my character, look at the kids I’ve raised. All I can do is tell you this is what I’ve done. This is where I’ve been. This is where I stand.” He has five kids with Rachel Campos from The Real World San Francisco.

Still, the paper reports that while Sean’s “chances of winning were rated close to zilch when he entered the race last year to challenge Obey,” now “he is considered a contender for the open seat” and “Duffy is expected to win a primary in September against Dan Mielke, a farmer and self-declared ‘tea party’ candidate who had previously challenged Obey and lost. Mielke is trying to make hay of the wilder Duffy moments caught on tape by MTV, saying they reflect ‘Hollywood’ values. But political observers predict that Duffy, who has raised more than $600,000, will emerge from the primary to challenge state Sen. Julie Lassa, the expected Democratic nominee.”

Will Sean Duffy of ‘The Real World’ be picked to serve in the House? [Washington Post]

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