Bachelorette weatherman Jonathan faked tears with producers’ help, contestant claims

A Bachelorette contestant has claimed that weatherman Jonathan Novak, who started crying because he was afraid to kiss Ali Fedotowsky as part of a music video, did so with the help of the show’s producers.

“The producers took out this tear stick and had him rub it under his eyes. They told him, ‘Ali will like it, you’ll look like a really sensitive guy,'” the “former contestant” told Radar. “They made him out to be so scared that day, but the guy seemed fine. He was laughing and cool about the whole acting scene thing. … He ended up looking like a dork who’d never kissed a girl, which couldn’t be more untrue.”

By the way, this is Radar’s second fake Bachelor tears story in two weeks, as previously the site ran a report claiming Vienna faked her tears with Jake.

Bachelorette Contestant “The Weatherman” Used Fake Tears! [Radar]

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