Magazine report challenges Bachelorette finale spoilers

A celebrity tabloid magazine’s cover story directly challenges spoilers about the outcome of The Bachelorette 6.

While Reality Steve reported that he had “overwhelming evidence that has been told to me says that Ali is a single woman today and she didn’t choose” either man” and he added, “I’ve heard from FIVE different sources who have told me that she’s single.”

But the producers or Ali or someone is challenging that on the cover of Us Weekly this week. The magazine “confirms there’s a proposal on the finale — and she accepts” and now Ali “is planning a West Coast wedding in early 2011.” The magazine’s web site story says the actual issue reveals who Ali is engaged to.

Interestingly, in his post, Steve directly challenged an earlier, rather thin Us Weekly report that relied on an anonymous fan saying Ali was happy, and Steve wrote, “I would think if they’re trying to say that Ali picked a final guy and is happy and in love, that’d either be on the cover, or at least a side bar on the cover.”

And now, Ali is on the cover. Have the producers changed their minds that spoilers are “just more promotion” since those spoilers give people a reason to tune out of a relatively boring season?

Bachelorette Ali Gets Engaged on Finale! [Us Weekly]

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