CBS reveals not-so-secret tribe names, gives out buffs at Comic-Con as taping ends

The Survivor Nicaragua tribe names and colors were revealed by CBS today, which is amusing because the tribe names and colors have already been revealed: They are La Flor (yellow) and Espada (blue).

CBS announced that in Spanish, writing on Twitter and Facebook, “Una gran batalla entre una flor y una espada toma lugar en las playas de Nicaragua este Septiembre en CBS.” The translation, CBS says, is “A great battle between a flower and a sword takes place on the beaches of Nicaragua this September on CBS!!” (The battle between the sword and the troll is season 22.)

This announcement comes on what is likely the last day of filming, and thus the final Tribal Council is probably tonight after sundown. That’s according to True Dork Times’ calendar, which breaks down the episodes but as of today has no spoilers associated with it. (Click with caution, though.)

If you’re at Comic-Con, you can apparently pick up a tribe buff. EW’s Survivor beat writer, Dalton Ross, wrote on Twitter that the “Survivor: Nicaragua tribe names & colors to be revealed Thursday morning. Buffs to be given out at EW/CBS Comic-Con party that night.” The “EW/CBS” party part is kind of sad and hilarious all at once, and it’s only mildly embarrassing for EW to be promoting the revelation of something that has already been revealed, just not through a press release.

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